Rugged Mobile Devices – PDAs, Tablets, and Notebooks

What device is suitable for my business?

All of our Rugged Mobile Devices are designed to be robust and brave harsh environments without compromising the portability and performance of your typical business/high-end industrial grade PDA, Tablet and Notebook solutions. Find out below how each of our Rugged Mobile Devices can be applied to your business.



Rugged PDAs

Our industrial grade PDA’s primary functions accommodate for operatives who are always on the move. This is because of the light, compact nature of the design.

The performance of a PDA can scale from entry level to high end to suit all demands as well as offer either a Windows or Android operating system.



Rugged Tablets

Our Rugged Tablets offer the same flexibility of a PDA with a much broader viewing area to synergise with either dynamic applications or applications that demand a larger display. The industrial grade build quality ensures protection in harsh environments.



Rugged Notebooks

A Notebook PC is typically designed for large premises or multi-site uses that demand hardware features similar to a laptop.

In our Industrial Notebook PC range we have included modular designs that can be used as either a Rugged Notebook or a Rugged Tablet for an adaptable experience.



Not what you’re looking for?

You may instead be looking for our Industrial Computing ranges which include low profile, high performance Embedded Box PCs, Harsh Environment Panel PCs and Modular PCs.


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