6th March 2020

We’ve Increased Our Warranty!

Our second big announcement of the year is finally here!

We’ve extended the warranty we offer on all Nemacom Industrial Displays.

Which Products/Ranges are covered?

All monitors built in-house have had their warranty periods improved.
The ranges are:

-Technix (Rugged Displays with optional Touchscreen)
-Technix PC (Industrial Touchscreen PC)
-APEX (Waterproof Display)
-APEX PC (Waterproof Touchscreen PC)

How long is the new warranty on offer?

For the majority of products covered the new warranty period will be 5 years, though some of the larger units will be increased to 3 years warranty.

Monitors up to 32″ – 5 Year Warranty (previously 3 Years)
Monitors between 46″-55″ – 3 Year Warranty (previously 1 year)

Why have we done this?

We believe our monitors are the best in the business! We want the warranty to reflect the quality you can expect from a Nemacom product.

When will the new warranty periods start?

Effective immediately! Every new Nemacom product is now eligible for the new upgraded warranty!

Any Questions?
We’d be happy to help!

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