3rd July 2019

In Development – 23″ Display Progress

I managed to pull John (Product Development Manager) away from his project to improve the 23″ and I was pleasantly surprised with how far along the project has come in such a short amount of time. John happily showed me the key highlights to his project, it was immediately evident how much care and expertise had gone in.

The new 23″ is set to include a fresh new aesthetic paired with practical improvements like M12 Connectors and a Phoenix Connector to ensure this new design further conforms to industry standards than the unit previous. This will mean an even more compatible ‘Out-of-box’ experience for anyone that decides to purchase one of these fantastic units.

My favourite addition has to be the 2nd Screen Support via our new Waterproof Connectors – In this case a VGA connector. Having a 2nd screen will be an absolute advantage as it will vastly improve our support capabilities and diagnosis times as well as give you more freedom of how you apply and integrate this unit within your business. It is worth noting the new unit will also include a Waterproof RS232 Port as well!

I personally cannot wait to see the end result!

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