As a UK manufacturer, Nemacom are well positioned to meet current demand of our full range of display, touchscreen and industrial Panel PC products. We do not foresee extended lead times at the present. Any change to this will be reflected when we issue a quotation.

Lead times may be extended on some of our distributed products, especially of Chinese or Taiwanese origin. Again, this will be highlighted when a quotation is issued.

If you have any further questions, we’d be happy to answer them.

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Our second big announcement of the year is finally here!

We’ve extended the warranty we offer on all Nemacom Industrial Displays.

Which Products/Ranges are covered?

All monitors built in-house have had their warranty periods improved.
The ranges are:

-Technix (Rugged Displays with optional Touchscreen)
-Technix PC (Industrial Touchscreen PC)
-APEX (Waterproof Display)
-APEX PC (Waterproof Touchscreen PC)

How long is the new warranty on offer?

For the majority of products covered the new warranty period will be 5 years, though some of the larger units will be increased to 3 years warranty.

Monitors up to 32″ – 5 Year Warranty (previously 3 Years)
Monitors between 46″-55″ – 3 Year Warranty (previously 1 year)

Why have we done this?

We believe our monitors are the best in the business! We want the warranty to reflect the quality you can expect from a Nemacom product.

When will the new warranty periods start?

Effective immediately! Every new Nemacom product is now eligible for the new upgraded warranty!

Any Questions?
We’d be happy to help!

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Stretched Bar Displays are still ever-growing in popularity, particularly in the Digital Signage market due to their impressive appearance and their eye-catching nature.

If you’re interested in starting with Stretched Bar Displays, look no further than the 37″ Ultra Wide Display.

This particular display is a perfect all-round signage solution and is even sunlight readable! The high brightness and the brilliant contrast makes a cutting image indoors and out!


Display Size: 37″
Maximum Resolution: 1920 x 682
Brightness: 1500cd/m²
Contrast: 4000:1
Viewing Angle: H+V= 178°

Looking for a signage player?

Try our BrightSign Digital Signage players!
Ask one of our friendly sales team for more info! Contact us here.



Digital Signage Player: BrightSign HD224


Not into Signage?
These units are great for gaming, vending, transportation, Museums and other projects!

Find the right Ultrawide Display for you here!

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We’ve been working hard behind the scenes on some really exciting additions and improvements, which means I’ll hopefully have plenty of announcements for you over the next few months!

I can’t give away too much at this stage, but we have made a BIG change to one of our ranges.

The keen eyed amongst you will have noticed that recently our Rugged Mobile Devices Partner has changed, which leads me on to my first announcement of the year:

We are now an Authorised Distributor of Emdoor, a top supplier of harsh environments PDAs, Tablets, and Notepads.

What can you expect from the range?

To re-familiarise yourself with the Range you can find it here.

The range offers robust designs and are driven by either Android or Windows 10 so little to no training required!

You’ll also have access to GPS Capabilities over a variety of devices, suited for harsh environments on the go – built with business in mind!

These devices are great for connecting employees and processes in modern times as there is an ever increasing amount of ‘Mobile Workers’ and a natural increase of processes within quality control.

Communication in business is crucial, though with Rugged Mobile Devices it’s never been easier!

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We’d like to wish you a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year on behalf of all of us at Nemacom!

Unfortunately we do not have Elves here at Christmas to help out over the holidays so production will resume Thursday 2nd January 2020.

Happy Holidays!


Due to popular demand we’re bringing back an industry favourite!

Some of you may remember the 15″ Workhorse from our Technix Range. It’s back and at it’s best!

Roughly 2 years ago we decided to phase out our Technix 38 product as we wanted to focus on developing new products and ranges.
Because of these developments we were uncertain where the Technix 38 would fit into our plans.

We reluctantly decided to drop the 15 inch due to the increasing popularity of the 17 inch and 19 inch variants.
Though we’ve been phasing it out, the demand has been as strong as ever!

The New Technix 38 has had some upgrades since our last revision, so head here for a full list of specifications.

Returning Technix 38 customers will be pleased to know that we’ve kept the dimensions the same, allowing you to do a straight swap should you desire an upgrade or a replacement!

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As mentioned previously on our last blog we have been a proud supplier of Kramer Products for over 10 years.

As well as High Quality Cables, Kramer manufacture a multitude of different products.
On our previous website it was difficult to truly represent the Kramer Range.

You may be pleased to know the Kramer AV Page has had a fresh update featuring a much broader selection of items to improve
your business!

Though the selection is greater, a lot of time was spent filtering through hundreds, if not thousands of Kramer products.
We decided not to saturate the page with irrelevant products, so we  refined and focused the range on
products that would compliment the typical Nemacom customer!

This does not mean the rest of the range is unavailable though!
Contact our friendly Sales Team here who will advise and guide you to the perfect solution for you!

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Kramer are an award winning Professional Audio/Visual Manufacturer and are a leading brand in the industry.

We have enjoyed being a long-standing distributor of Kramer products for well over 10 Years!

If you are an existing customer of ours you may already be familiar with the High Quality VGA Cables we supply with selected products. However, What you may not know is that we offer a broad variety of high quality, durable cables manufactured by Kramer.

To list them all would be a challenge but you can find everything from your essentials (VGA, HDMI, Display Port, Ethernet) and anything up to your more rare cables like Angled Cables and Legacy Cables (Firewire etc.)

If there’s a cable you need, we almost certainly can provide it!

For full details contact our sales team here!

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Wednesday marked the start of the Engineering Design Show. EDS is an Expo that spans over 2 days attracting Manufacturers and suppliers from near and far.

This was my first time attending the show as last time round I was committed to a large rail project which made it difficult to leave HQ. I was granted clearance this year which was a great honour!

John and Kerry were also representing Nemacom on this trip. After a short drive to Coventry and arriving at the Ricoh Arena I began to understand the sheer scale of the event.

When first entering through the doors to the expo you are immediately stuck by colourful exhibits and cutting edge tech!

No exhibit failed to impress. All were keen to showcase their incredible demonstrations and latest products!

We were blessed with the sights of submersible electronics and enclosures, Huge automated robotics and a 3D Printed Car big enough to seat a person though sadly sitting in the vehicle was not permitted.

The event also gave us the opportunity to participate in activities such as games and have hands on experience with the tech.

John tried his arm on a Wire-Loop Beep Game which was great fun to watch! Unfortunately though, he could not get close to the seemingly superhuman time set by a previous challenger.

Between activities and displays we had chance to catch up with our contacts and suppliers. We also managed to meet a good range of potential future suppliers!

Pictured: Kerry visiting the Display Technology booth

Overall our attendance was a success.
It is easy to see why the show is such a successful event and attracts so many businesses.

I’d say its the perfect way to network and showcase your products in a friendly, engaging environment.

I hope to see you all next year!

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Following on from our previous Blog we now have an exciting first look at the metalwork that sits on the rear of the unit.

A vast improvement over our previous model with a clean, modern design built with user experience in mind.

My personal favourite feature is how flexible the configuration of the connectors is so you can tailor the unit to your own setup.

Out of the box you will have:

1 x Serial (COM) Port
1 x Ethernet (M12 Connector)
1 x External Waterproof Display Connector (VGA)
1 x Power Input (Waterproof Connector)


5 x M12 Connectors YOU CHOOSE what to do with when you order!

This Unit also accommodates for a variety of Mounting Solutions with its VESA 100mm Mounting Threads giving you total flexibility!


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