31st July 2019

We’re giving you free USB Drives!

If you’re a recent customer you may have noticed a little surprise in the form of a USB Drive packaged with your products. (If your product requires touchscreen drivers or other additional software.)

To give you an insight of Nemacom HQ, you may be interested to know we’re all actively thinking of how we can improve our customer care, end user experience and even our own processes. These new USB Drives are a result of the thoughts from Production Manager Mr. Denis!

We have recently trialed low capacity USB Drives and received positive feedback.

You’ll be pleased to know we will be rolling out an enormous 32GB USB Drive over the next few weeks as a more permanent leap.

Switching from Data CDs to USBs brings a few advantages as you can use them directly with our products, eliminating the need for an External CD Drive. USBs are also tougher and can’t get scratched like a CD can.

The new 32GB storage size will massively improve our support and aftercare capabilities as we can include anything from small file sized Touchscreen Drivers all the way up to the massive file sizes of operating systems should you decide to reinstall or upgrade Windows!

Did you know our USBs also save on waste providing a more Eco friendly solution?

You are more likely to use a USB over and over again unlike a CD whether its in the workplace or even at home! Our studies show that CD’s often get thrown away after initial use or at least one will be kept and the rest will be disposed of.

These USB Drives aren’t just for us,
Use them however you like!

After all, its always helpful to have a USB to hand!

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*USB Drives included with qualifying products, if you’re unsure whether your product is eligible please contact a.brown@nemacom.co.uk or ask the sales team when you are ready to order.







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