17th January 2020

New Rugged Mobile Devices!

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes on some really exciting additions and improvements, which means I’ll hopefully have plenty of announcements for you over the next few months!

I can’t give away too much at this stage, but we have made a BIG change to one of our ranges.

The keen eyed amongst you will have noticed that recently our Rugged Mobile Devices Partner has changed, which leads me on to my first announcement of the year:

We are now an Authorised Distributor of Emdoor, a top supplier of harsh environments PDAs, Tablets, and Notepads.

What can you expect from the range?
  • PDAs – Rugged Handheld Devices perfect for communication and more.
  • Rugged Tablets – Rugged Portables great for integrating into processes on the move.
  • Notepads – Rugged Compact Laptops with countless applications in the workplace.

To re-familiarise yourself with the Range you can find it here.

The range offers robust designs and are driven by either Android or Windows 10 so little to no training required!

You’ll also have access to GPS Capabilities over a variety of devices, suited for harsh environments on the go – built with business in mind!

These devices are great for connecting employees and processes in modern times as there is an ever increasing amount of ‘Mobile Workers’ and a natural increase of processes within quality control.

Communication in business is crucial, though with Rugged Mobile Devices it’s never been easier!

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