22nd August 2019

New Range – Stretched Bar Displays!

Be the first to welcome our brand new range of displays.
You can find the whole range of our Stretched Bar Displays here!

My first thoughts when this range was announced internally were how great they would be for Digital Signage. Their super wide design is eye-catching even in busy environments.

Stretched Bar Displays have been growing in popularity globally, particularly in Europe.

You may have already spotted similar displays in Public Transport Stations, Retail, Hotels, Museums, Information Kiosks, Restaurants and many other locations.

What really surprises me is how well these monitors perform outdoors. The Sunlight Readable Technology means these displays excel in Outdoor application as well as Indoor use!

The most notable product of the range is the 49 inch ultra-wide display. Due to its extremely high brightness (2000 cd/m²) and contrast ratio of 4000:1, this would be the perfect way to expand your application field to the outdoors!

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