25th July 2019

New M12 Connectors!

As mentioned in our 23″ Development Blog we are starting to implement M12 Connectors on our future developments.

These connectors were amongst the first considerations this year when we sat down for one of our improvements meetings, as our target is to constantly upgrade the ease of implementation and to benefit the end user.

If you’re unfamiliar with these fantastic connectors, and you’re not sure why they’re relevant to you then perhaps this article will explain a few things.

Considered the ‘Workhorse of the industry for years to come.’ These connectors were built and designed to provide reliable Power, Signal and Data connections with a robust, secure connection that will withstand hazards such as water, vibration and dust.

Versatility and flexibility were also high on our priority list when considering these connectors, and this is where the M12’s really shine through.

John tells me the connectors adopt a multi-pin circular connector with a screw locking thread in which not only allows the connector to withstand harsh environments as mentioned previous, but also allows the connector to come in many different forms for multiple uses such as:

  • DC Power
  • AC Power
  • Signal
  • High Speed Ethernet
  • Devicenet
  • Profibus
  • Profinet
  • Sercos
  • CAN
  • HD Video Signals

and many more!

This connector has constantly evolved over the years and has really expanded on its features and uses.

It has cemented itself as not just one for the present, but one for the future too!

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