26th November 2019

Technix 38 Returns!

Due to popular demand we’re bringing back an industry favourite!

Some of you may remember the 15″ Workhorse from our Technix Range. It’s back and at it’s best!

Roughly 2 years ago we decided to phase out our Technix 38 product as we wanted to focus on developing new products and ranges.
Because of these developments we were uncertain where the Technix 38 would fit into our plans.

We reluctantly decided to drop the 15 inch due to the increasing popularity of the 17 inch and 19 inch variants.
Though we’ve been phasing it out, the demand has been as strong as ever!

The New Technix 38 has had some upgrades since our last revision, so head here for a full list of specifications.

Returning Technix 38 customers will be pleased to know that we’ve kept the dimensions the same, allowing you to do a straight swap should you desire an upgrade or a replacement!

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