20th September 2019

23 Inch Display – New Rear Cover

Following on from our previous Blog we now have an exciting first look at the metalwork that sits on the rear of the unit.

A vast improvement over our previous model with a clean, modern design built with user experience in mind.

My personal favourite feature is how flexible the configuration of the connectors is so you can tailor the unit to your own setup.

Out of the box you will have:

1 x Serial (COM) Port
1 x Ethernet (M12 Connector)
1 x External Waterproof Display Connector (VGA)
1 x Power Input (Waterproof Connector)


5 x M12 Connectors YOU CHOOSE what to do with when you order!

  • Up to 5 USBs
  • An additional Serial Port
  • An additional Ethernet Port

This Unit also accommodates for a variety of Mounting Solutions with its VESA 100mm Mounting Threads giving you total flexibility!


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