29th August 2019

23 Inch Display – New Front Metalwork

For those of you up to date with our weekly Blogs, you will have followed the development of our New 23″ Display. You will be interested to know that John the Product Development Manager has got another update for us!

We have had a delivery fresh from the metalworkers of Johns new designs for the 23″ Display. Consequently it has allowed us to build a pre-production model to really get an idea of what this new product will be like and how it is to use.

Obviously having the Pre-Production model has meant we can actually use the ZXY500 touch controller! We’ve been itching to get this controller into a unit. The compatible new Black Border PCAP Rounded Edge Touch Sensor looks perfect on this unit.

We’re very happy with the results and will hopefully have an official release date very soon!

I’d be happy to answer any questions a.brown@nemacom.co.uk.

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