17th July 2019

23″ Display – New Controller!

Following up from the last post, I’ve had more updates from John the Product Development Manager regarding the New 23″ Display.

John has elected to adopt the cutting edge Zytronic ZXY500 Touchscreen Controller to really take advantage of its competitive price and great features we’ve not been able to offer before!

Nemacom are no strangers to Zytronic as they’ve supplied us with great PCAP (Projective Capacitive) Touchscreens and Controllers before I was even employed here!

You will almost certainly be familiar with PCAP Touchscreens as they’re found everywhere from your phone, tablet or even the screen you order your food on in leading restaurants.

Using the ZXY500 Controller will offer a more durable, reliable, natural experience when paired with the fantastic Multi-Touch Sensors. 

The sensors will offer up to 80 points of detection simultaneously, which if you’ve used our products before you’ll know this is the most we’ve ever been able to offer on any one product!

The Sensor is also armed with Mutual Capacitive Technology which results in an even more reduced amount of False Touches and higher Accuracy, even with Gloved Hands.

These  sensors can take some punishment in Harsh Environments too. Rain, Salt Water, Oil, Ice and even Harsh Chemicals won’t faze them which is incredible!

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