We have integrated the worlds most innovative antimicrobial surface coating technology with a range of our touchscreen display products and select industrial monitors.

Kastus® Intelligent Surface Technology™ is independently proven to kill human coronavirus and a host of other common viruses as well as >99% of harmful bacteria making this especially useful in the food industry and applications involving multiple people using the same Touchscreen devices.

This technology paired with our high quality PCAP touchscreen displays makes for a comfortable and hygienic end user experience with no compromises.


Who are Kastus®?


Kastus® were originally founded in 2014 after 10 years of advanced research and development.
Since 2014 Kastus® have become an award-winning surface innovation company with their antiviral and antimicrobial surface coatings for use on mobile devices and touchscreen displays and monitors.

In 2020, Kastus® helped businesses to reopen during lockdown with their latest screen protectors to actively combat coronavirus and help stop the spread.

*Kastus® have since been awarded EU Funding for developing an innovative business solution to help fight COVID-19


How does it work?


Kastus® patented antimicrobial activation technology is powered by natural light (Not just UV light) which means the surface provides 24/7 antimicrobial and antiviral protection for life in light and dark environments on your displays and monitors.

As natural light hits the surface, Kastus® technology reacts with moisture in the air to form reactive oxygen species. These agents attack and destroy the harmful bacteria they encounter leaving an effective hygienic, germ-free surface.


How is the technology integrated with Nemacom products?


Due to the nature of our product ranges the most suitable way of integrating Kastus® technologies is their latest bespoke antiviral/antibacterial touchscreen protectors fitted by us here at Nemacom across all of our PCAP products.
Each protector will be cut specifically for our product sizing to ensure the best fit per unit.

Does the screen protector make the unit hard to use?


The Nemacom team have unanimously expressed the same opinion of it being no different to screen protectors on mobile phones and feels like a seamless transition away from the standard setup of the PCAP Touchscreens on our monitors.

The screen protector is ultra-thin, has no impact on aesthetics and can be seamlessly integrated into manufacturing systems. Only the small Kastus® surface branding on the very edge is visible assuring you of your protection against harmful bacteria.


Which Nemacom products are currently compatible with this technology?

Currently we offer Kastus® protection on all of our PCAP touchscreen monitors and computing displays.

Moving forward we are looking to develop solutions for all of our touchscreens to accommodate hygienic technologies.


Which Nemacom products are compatible with Kastus protection?


Currently we offer Kastus® protection across all of our PCAP touchscreen monitors and displays.

Moving forward we are working to develop all touchscreen products to be compatible with active hygienic technologies and will follow developments of Kastus® closely.

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As you may already be aware many manufacturers including ourselves have been affected by a global shortage of electronics components and raw materials.

Unfortunately, just like many others we’ve been forced to increase our lead times to match the rate of supply of certain components. 

We encourage orders to be placed earlier to ensure delivery on your target dates.

We are actively exploring options to remedy the longer lead times and may be able to advise ways to get your product ready faster.
We will have more updates in the future regarding the improvement of supply globally.

Until then, we extend our best wishes to everybody in the continued fight against COVID-19.

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We are pleased to announce a new addition to our embedded box PC range!

The FM833 is the first waterproof IP69K rated embedded box PC to be added to our range.

You can expect no compromise when it comes to performance as powerful Intel Skylake / Kabylake processors will cope with demanding applications, especially when paired with an optional (up to) 32GB of DDR4 SO-DIMM RAM making the FM833 one of the most powerful PC’s in our ranges.

These high-performance components are housed in a small footprint, lightweight, sealed aluminium body with a stainless steel base measuring in at only 25CM long!

What makes the FM833 special is obviously its ultra-durable nature in harsh environments which makes outdoor computing a breeze!

If you are interested in outdoor computing why not consider using the FM833 combined with our Waterproof TouchView Kiosk for the ultimate outdoor computing station?


Additional FM833 Features:


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When we consider adding products to our ranges there is always one thing we keep in mind:

Would this product benefit our business?

In the case of the Emdoor EM-T62 this is true!

We use the Android PDAs for our own applications, particularly regarding our stock control system and general mobile computing.

Not only has the EM-T62 improved the efficiency of our processes, it’s enhanced our level of communications across site with available apps integrating well with our joint tasks.

We use the EM-T62 with WiFi, though for larger sites and spaces we’d recommend the 3G/4G solution to ensure maximum coverage and minimum downtime.

Other features include: Bluetooth Connectivity, 5000mAH Battery (Typically 8-Hours of life), Honeywell Scanning Module, and Auto-Focus Cameras (Front & Back).

Outdoor applications are also encouraged with its IP65 Ingress Protection Rating to certify its protection against water and dust.


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2020 is finally behind us and we gladly welcome a positive 2021!

We are now available to receive enquiries for quotation or support in our standard business hours (below).

Monday – 9am – 5pm
Tuesday – 9am – 5pm
Wednesday – 9am – 5pm
Thursday – 9am – 5pm
Friday – 9am – 4pm
Saturday – CLOSED
Sunday – CLOSED

Nemacom has already started this year with great ambition as we already have exciting news in the pipeline!

We have many new products to introduce this year, the first one being as early as next week as we’re to release a Waterproof IP69K Embedded Box PC which would officially be the most rugged, water resistant and dust-proof Box PC System we’ve ever been able to offer.

We also have been looking into a product to combat the spread of Human Coronavirus and surface bacteria which may come as a surprise to some!
The product in question is an ‘always on’ antimicrobial touchscreen protector which will help protect yourself and end-users health under the current coronavirus pandemic and beyond.

I was personally given the all clear today to try out this touchscreen protector on a pre-built demonstration unit that our Production Manager had assembled last year and it was a very comfortable experience. Essentially, this antimicrobial screen protector isn’t dissimilar to the screen protectors used on mobile phones and tablets which makes the user-experience closely comparable between the two – with added hygienic benefit.

(More information on Antimicrobial Screen Protector to follow in a future News post)


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On behalf of everyone at Nemacom, we’d like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Furthermore, we would like to extend our wishes to everybody’s good health over the holidays!

Sadly we break up for Christmas today, so all enquiries will need to be made via email (here) which will be picked up immediately upon our return 4th January 2021.



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With Christmas approaching and 2020 coming to an end please find our business hours for the festive period below:-


We break up for Christmas and officially shut down at 4PM Friday 18th December and will return 9AM Monday 4th January.


Any enquiries between the 18th Dec – 4th Jan will need to be made via email and will be immediately picked up once we return.


Our lines are currently open so please make your enquiries for Industrial Monitors, Touchscreen Displays and PC solutions here!


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Though we offer a variety of products we have always accepted that not every unit can satisfy every project.

We strive for the highest level of customer satisfaction and providing the perfect solution for your business, which is why customisation is such a large part of the Nemacom ethos.

Colour & Finish Options

All Nemacom Monitors, Displays, Touchscreens and Panel PC units can be supplied in your preferred RAL colour upon request.

Be sure to specify when requesting a quote.

Finishes Available:



Silk-screening is an effective way to bring your brand to one of our products. Your logo/design can be added anywhere, in any colour(s).
Your Design / Your Choice.



Stainless Steel Chassis

We offer a Stainless Steel Chassis on each of our units which are especially effective on our Apex and Apex PC Units (Waterproof Touchscreen Displays/PC’s)
to create a fully sealed IP66 enclosed unit.

Available grades:

Grade 304 – The most popular grade for Stainless Steel is 304 and is common in workplaces that do not require additional resistance to corrosion or chemical exposure.

Grade 316 – This grade is suitable for Commercial Food, Medical and Marine environments as well as any environments involving salts and corrosive materials.


12v/24v/48v DC

We understand that power requirements required and requested can vary which is why our monitors can be supplied in 12vDC, 24vDC and 48vDC configurations.

AC available with select units.



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The PPC-Z217RW is one of the most well equipped Panel PC’s on the market.

It’s biggest talking point is the front access RFID reader supporting multiple frequencies and card types.

The IP66/69K rating make the Z217RW perfectly suitable for outdoor use and harsh environment applications especially where dust, debris and water are involved.

The Z217RW is lightning fast thanks to the 7th Gen Intel Processor (either Core i5 or Core i3) which will handle the most demanding of tasks.

Follow the link below to find out exactly why this Panel PC is the most impressive of its kind.

PPC-Z217 Full Details.

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We’ve taken the opportunity to start working on some changes to our website moving forward.

Firstly, the ‘Blog’ section has been renamed ‘News’. We feel this to be more appropriate and fitting for the content we publish in this space.

The Arestech ranges are also being adjusted and expanded to add almost double the existing number of products currently advertised.

This will be a record amount of products available from Nemacom giving you the flexibility and choice you need to find your perfect monitor, display or PC solution!

Additionally, the Arestech pages themselves will be going through some positive changes over the coming weeks. 
More information on that soon!

Regarding our business hours, we’re currently unchanged (Current Business hours here) but will likely be reviewed in coming weeks.


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New 23″ Panel PC – Now Available!