For a limited time only we are able to offer you the BPC-3022 from our partners Arestech for only £355 ex.VAT with a 3 Year Warranty!

System Specs:

CPU – Intel Celeron N2930 Quad Core
(up to 1.83GHz)

Storage – 256GB SSD


OS – Windows 10 Enterprise

Hardware Noise – Very Low due to its Fanless Design

As you can see, for such a powerful unit this embedded computer comes in a small package as the whole unit is about the size of your hand (Dimensions 172.8 x 64.1 x 112.4mm) and weighs less than 1KG.

The 3 Year Warranty makes the deal even sweeter as we are confident the BPC-3022 is the perfect ‘Daily Driver’ suited to almost every business and will handle very heavy use for years to come.

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If you are a Microsoft Windows 7 user you may have heard that Microsoft will be ending their support for Windows 7 on January 14, 2020.

You will still be able to use Windows 7 normally, though you will be more vulnerable to Security risks and Viruses as they will no longer be targeted by Microsoft.

This is a big blow to a lot of businesses but we can understand why they would want to move away from the 10 year old operating system. Windows 10 has been favoured by the masses for its fast speeds, usability and advanced security features over Windows 7 and 8.1. These very reasons are why we decided to supply Windows 10 as standard with all of our PC products as we want the perfect out-of-box experience for our customers.

There has never been a better time to upgrade to Windows 10.

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If you’re a recent customer you may have noticed a little surprise in the form of a USB Drive packaged with your products. (If your product requires touchscreen drivers or other additional software.)

To give you an insight of Nemacom HQ, you may be interested to know we’re all actively thinking of how we can improve our customer care, end user experience and even our own processes. These new USB Drives are a result of the thoughts from Production Manager Mr. Denis!

We have recently trialed low capacity USB Drives and received positive feedback.

You’ll be pleased to know we will be rolling out an enormous 32GB USB Drive over the next few weeks as a more permanent leap.

Switching from Data CDs to USBs brings a few advantages as you can use them directly with our products, eliminating the need for an External CD Drive. USBs are also tougher and can’t get scratched like a CD can.

The new 32GB storage size will massively improve our support and aftercare capabilities as we can include anything from small file sized Touchscreen Drivers all the way up to the massive file sizes of operating systems should you decide to reinstall or upgrade Windows!

Did you know our USBs also save on waste providing a more Eco friendly solution?

You are more likely to use a USB over and over again unlike a CD whether its in the workplace or even at home! Our studies show that CD’s often get thrown away after initial use or at least one will be kept and the rest will be disposed of.

These USB Drives aren’t just for us,
Use them however you like!

After all, its always helpful to have a USB to hand!

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*USB Drives included with qualifying products, if you’re unsure whether your product is eligible please contact or ask the sales team when you are ready to order.






As mentioned in our 23″ Development Blog we are starting to implement M12 Connectors on our future developments.

These connectors were amongst the first considerations this year when we sat down for one of our improvements meetings, as our target is to constantly upgrade the ease of implementation and to benefit the end user.

If you’re unfamiliar with these fantastic connectors, and you’re not sure why they’re relevant to you then perhaps this article will explain a few things.

Considered the ‘Workhorse of the industry for years to come.’ These connectors were built and designed to provide reliable Power, Signal and Data connections with a robust, secure connection that will withstand hazards such as water, vibration and dust.

Versatility and flexibility were also high on our priority list when considering these connectors, and this is where the M12’s really shine through.

John tells me the connectors adopt a multi-pin circular connector with a screw locking thread in which not only allows the connector to withstand harsh environments as mentioned previous, but also allows the connector to come in many different forms for multiple uses such as:

and many more!

This connector has constantly evolved over the years and has really expanded on its features and uses.

It has cemented itself as not just one for the present, but one for the future too!

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Following up from the last post, I’ve had more updates from John the Product Development Manager regarding the New 23″ Display.

John has elected to adopt the cutting edge Zytronic ZXY500 Touchscreen Controller to really take advantage of its competitive price and great features we’ve not been able to offer before!

Nemacom are no strangers to Zytronic as they’ve supplied us with great PCAP (Projective Capacitive) Touchscreens and Controllers before I was even employed here!

You will almost certainly be familiar with PCAP Touchscreens as they’re found everywhere from your phone, tablet or even the screen you order your food on in leading restaurants.

Using the ZXY500 Controller will offer a more durable, reliable, natural experience when paired with the fantastic Multi-Touch Sensors. 

The sensors will offer up to 80 points of detection simultaneously, which if you’ve used our products before you’ll know this is the most we’ve ever been able to offer on any one product!

The Sensor is also armed with Mutual Capacitive Technology which results in an even more reduced amount of False Touches and higher Accuracy, even with Gloved Hands.

These  sensors can take some punishment in Harsh Environments too. Rain, Salt Water, Oil, Ice and even Harsh Chemicals won’t faze them which is incredible!

You can find all of the information here.

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I managed to pull John (Product Development Manager) away from his project to improve the 23″ and I was pleasantly surprised with how far along the project has come in such a short amount of time. John happily showed me the key highlights to his project, it was immediately evident how much care and expertise had gone in.

The new 23″ is set to include a fresh new aesthetic paired with practical improvements like M12 Connectors and a Phoenix Connector to ensure this new design further conforms to industry standards than the unit previous. This will mean an even more compatible ‘Out-of-box’ experience for anyone that decides to purchase one of these fantastic units.

My favourite addition has to be the 2nd Screen Support via our new Waterproof Connectors – In this case a VGA connector. Having a 2nd screen will be an absolute advantage as it will vastly improve our support capabilities and diagnosis times as well as give you more freedom of how you apply and integrate this unit within your business. It is worth noting the new unit will also include a Waterproof RS232 Port as well!

I personally cannot wait to see the end result!

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A warm welcome from everyone on behalf of a fresh new Nemacom.

Firstly, our new website was the priority when considering our latest set of improvements. As a result visitors should find navigation much easier.

However, we saw the new website as the perfect time to refresh our logo and really stand out as your main source of Touch Displays in the workplace!

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